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Results and Conclusions


  1. The production of different stone fruit varieties at Finca Valleluz was certified as 100% Zero Residues.
  2. The implementation of the ZR method for pre-harvest practices indicated that there was a 100% pesticide reduction at the L’Alcudia experimental farm.
  3. The effectiveness of the post-harvest technologies varied according to each produce type. Up to 7 days of shelf life increase were obtained for nectarines with the use of CA and 5 days for cherries with AMAP.
  4. The ZR methodology when paired with the specific optimal post harvest treatments act in synergy and guarantee four fundamental aspects of organoleptic quality: firmness/’crunchiness’, characteristic flavour intensity, sweet-sour balance, and absence of off-flavours.
  5. The processed peach, nectarine and flat peach pulps obtained through HHP can be labelled a “natural” product, which is recognized as an important commercial asset for the baby food industry.
  6. The ZR fresh produce sold with different bonus margins that varied per fruit type and per season.
  7. Consumers recognize the strong points for implementing the ZR strategy (human health and environmental sustainability) and more than 25% are willing to pay a higher cost for these kinds of products.