The LIFE+ Project “Zero Residues” aims to improve the sustainability and the quality of the production of stone fruit to create a more competitive and healthy sector.

For this reason, the project contains the following objectives:

  1. Develop the ZR methodology for the production of stone fruit, including logistical and technological adaptations that are required in the cultivation, processing, and fruit preservation during the post-harvest and the promotion of fruit in the market;
  2. Reduce environmental problems generated during the production process of the crop (e.g. drastically reduce pesticide dose, avoid degradation, prevent water contamination)
  3. Improve the adaptation of the processing and the post-harvest conservation, and increasing awareness and promotion of Stone fruit in the market (e.g. increase the shelf life of the fruit during post-harvest through the use of innovative micro-perforated packaging and the use of atmospheric controls)
  4. Reduce the remainigs of fruit, generated by quality imperfections, by using new techniques (e.g. washing techniques and implementing processing of the pulp, using the high-pressure processing - Pascalisation. Thus, treated fruit becomes an interesting product for baby food factories and may lead to new sales channels.

The project will undergo a zero-residues certification process to ensure efficient and consistent production methods and will develop a certificate, which can only be obtained if production meets the requirements of ZR.