Zerya networks at Fruit Logistica and others

25.03.2014 By: Transfer LBC

​Javier Arizmendi Ruiz of Zerya has lately been in touch with a number of companies and organisations that are in the same disciplinary fields as the Zero Residues project.

To start, he was in touch with Magdalena Torres, researcher and person in charge of the experimental plot of CIT ADESVA in Huelva. The technological center offers services such as R&D, consulting and training, and is also a demonstration center for agri-food matter. There exist various stone fruit production sites in the province of Huelva, mainly cultivating nectarines, peaches and plums.

Secondly, Arizmendi attended Fruit Logistica 2014 in Berlin, where he visited the pavilion of Extremadura and where he provided the following companies and organisations with information on our Zero Residues project:

Moreover Zerya was in touch with and signed up to Red Impulsa Residuo Cero, which is a project set up by CONSEBRO (Asociación de Industrias Agroalimentarias de Navarra, La Rioja y Aragón) and which is sponsored by MAGRAMA, the Fundación Biodiversidad, and the Programa Emplea Verde, and financed by the Fondo Social Europeo. The objectives of this network are to start put into motion those companies or programs that promote the enhancement and application of biopesticides on vegetable crops outdoors.

The team at Transfer, among other things responsible for project promotion and dissemination, is very thankful for Arizmendi’s help and efforts. Other partners have also been demonstrating interest and effort with regards to networking (e.g. Unizar's effort). We believe the combined effort of all project partners will affect the spread of information and the project as a whole in a very positive way, so let’s keep it going!