Zero Residues, a success case according to MINECO

20.10.2015 By: Transfer LBC

The Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness has developed a document on the Spanish Strategy for the Bioeconomy. This Strategy entails all the economic activities that obtain products and services and that generate economic value using raw materials of biological origin (…) it will focus on the sustainable and efficient use of products, byproducts and its residues from the agrarian, fishing, aquaculture, food and forestry sectors, as well as on products obtained from algae production and other microorganisms and bioprocesses.

The Strategy aims to promote the economic activity and to improve competitiveness and sustainability of the productive sectors linked to the utilizations of biologically-based products, fostering the development and application of technologies generated through the collaboration between research and technological centers and Spanish companies.

In this context, as it is showed in the picture below, this draft document presents Zero Residues as a success case of the Spanish bioeconomy. To access the original document, click here (Spanish version).