UNIZAR at the XI National Symposium and VIII Ibérico about Maturation and Postharvest

03.11.2014 By: UNIZAR


Between 21 and 23 October the XI National Symposium and the VIII Ibérico about Maturation and Postharvest took place, in which team members (Rosa Oria, Eva Campo and Maria Eugenia Venturini) of UNIZAR were present.

The symposium is organized under the joint initiative of the Spanish Society of Hort Science (SECH) and the Spanish Society of Plant Physiology (SEFV), and in collaboration with the Portuguese Association of Horticulture (APH) where investigators and industrialists of the horticultural sector of Spain, Portugal and Latin America reunite biannually. 

The general objectives that were addressed during the symposium have been the knowledge and processes that determine the organoleptic and nutritional quality of fruits and vegetables from time of harvest to consumption.

The work has been presented in the form of a poster with the title ´´The Comparison of Potencial Aromas of Various Cherries in an Early and Late State´´ (Original: “Comparación del potencial aromático de variedades de cereza temprana y tardía”). The cherries in the research, the Early Bigi and Satin, have been cultivated in Finca Valleluz under the LIFE+ Zero Residues project. 

In addition, Dr. Jesús Val, director of the research department of Aula Dei (CSIC) and member of the Research Group in Food of Plant origen assisted in this congress – as well as other group members: Pedro Marco (Investigator of the Investigation Centre and Agrifood technology of Aragon (CITA) and 4 Master and PhD students of the Research Group (Diego Redondo, Michael Krawitzky, Julio Sánchez y Héctor Calvo) participated.

The congress was a great opportunity to explain the context and first results of our project Zero Residues to other research groups like leading positioners as Daniel Valero (Universidad Miguel Hernández), Domingos Almeida (Universidad de Lisboa) and Manuel Jamilena (Universidad de Almería).

Since this symposium was held in Valencia, our collegues could reunite with Javier Arizmendi of Zerya who showed us some places in Valencia and with whom we could discuss the advancement of the project.

In the pictures once can find some moments of the session posters together with Jesús Val (CSIC) y Pedro Marco (CITA). 

In the picture above: Eva Campo, Mª Eugenia Venturini y Rosa Oria.