Supermarket test in Rotterdam off to a good start

29.05.2015 By: Transfer LBC

The team of Transfer kicked off the sale of Zero Residues stone fruit in Rotterdam this afternoon. Consumers reacted very positively to the taste of the first cherries of the season and several persons enthusiastically joined the sweepstake competition answering the questionnaire.

The Plus supermarket at Stadhoudersplein, in the center of Rotterdam, in general has a quite affluent public who are used to new product trials, especially those geared towards ecological products. The 500 gram packs were priced at a discount in order to make it attractive for consumers to take the product home. Several clients asked for details on the ZR production, although in general not many people were aware of its existence yet. The Transfer team would like to thank the Plus manager Peter de Jong and employees for all their support in realising this trial.