Successful training course on stone fruit production without residues

24.01.2014 By: Transfer LBC

On the 23rd of January the teams of Zerya and Seipasa taught the course “Basic Concepts of Zero Residues in Stone Fruit Production” in Valencia. The course was meant for all project participants in order to establish a clear and true picture of the processes involved in a production process without any waste.

The partners were very participative, asking questions and sharing their experiences of what is currently happening in the production fields of the different stone fruits. Moreover, UNIZAR invited 3 researchers to attend the course as well. They all seemed keen to learn about the Zero Residues methodology, which is not unexpected considering they all form part of the investigation group regarding "plant foods". Their presence provided a good networking opportunity because their research lies in the same disciplinary field as the Zero Residues project. 

Click on the following link to download the training material "Course". The topics listed are:

THEME 1. Certification Mechanism of a Production System. Quality Brands of agribusiness. Brand ZERYA ®. Certification Process.

THEME 2. Technological and cultural tools for Agricultural Productionof Zero Residues. Botanical substances and others of biological origins. Natural enemies and pathogens of pests and diseases. Disruptors of reproduction and Cultural Practices.

THEME 3. Main Pests and Diseases of Stone Fruit (in the region of the Project). Insects. Damage and control options. Diseases. Damage and control options