Successful post harvest trials

30.09.2013 By: Transfer LBC

A part of the post-harvest program has already been trialled successfully. After consulting with the specialists of Perfotec (Netherlands) and Holland Innovations (Spain), the teams from TOP and Lafuente decided that it was important to do some preliminary testing with the technology involving the Fast Respiration Meter and the Laser Perforation system.

The respiration of fruit is varying in time and during the season the respiration rate can increase and decrease strongly and the number of perforations in the packaging has to be adjusted accordingly. The use of micro perforation technology also needs some small but important changes in the normal processing, such as a film with anti-fog and some adjustments in the flow pack machine. Furthermore, the experience is that supermarkets need time to adjust their thinking and to test the new packaging concept.

For these reasons Lafuente and TOP decided to rent the machines for three months already during the summer season. Both teams have learned a good deal from this experience which can be used to optimise the post harvest process further on in the Life+ Zero Residues project.