Successful completion of the project AGROWASTE and networking day in Murcia

05.12.2014 By: Transfer LBC

On December 2 and 3, 2014, at the Scientific Park of Murcia, the LIFE + AGROWASTE (LIFE10/ENV/ES/649) celebrated its completion – ‘new technologies towards zero waste’ -, in a successful event.

The event was organized by the AGROWASTE Consortium in order to present the results and conclusions of the project as well as to develop a Networking and Dissemination Day with other related LIFE projects.
Clicking here you can download the agenda of the conference.

During the day different presentations were carried out, including the results of other projects, as well as the presentation of waste recovery technologies and products of the food industry.

Some of the other projects that presented their findings at this event were:

LIFE + SAVECROPS (LIFE11/ENV/ES/613) (Speakers: Ascensión Ciruelos, CTAEX) - Polyvalent naturally from the local pesticide wastes.

LIFE + ZERO RESIDUES - LIFE12/ENV/ES/902 (Rapporteur: Rosa Oria, UNIZAR and Javier Arizmendi, Zerya) - Toward a sustainable production and supply chain of Stone fruit.

LIFE + WATERREUSE (LIFE12/ENV/ES/184) (Rapporteur: Pedro Trinidad, Distilleries Muñoz Gálvez) - Improving water management efficiency at industries with organic load

See below some pictures of the event.