Second official meeting in Zaragoza

09.12.2013 By: Transfer LBC

After the first meeting in July, the representatives of the Zero Residues consortium met again on the 27th of November for the next official meeting in Aula Dei Science and Technology Park (PCTAD) in Zaragoza.

During this meeting, the technical activities, economic performance, and dissemination activities were reviewed.

In general, the technical part of the project is being monitored and evaluated through the execution of each action. Tasks are being made within the period specified in the proposal. Except for the soil samples, which have been delayed by the weather circumstances, but are scheduled to be held in early December.







The next Steering Committee Meeting will be held in Zaragoza on January 30th and will be attended by the "monitoring expert" who will oversee the satisfactory progress of the project and who has been assigned by the Commission for that effect