Rosa Oria participates in the XIV National Congress of Horticultural Science

12.06.2015 By: UNIZAR

Rosa Oria (UNIZAR), project coordinator Life Zero Residues, has participated as a member of the scientific committee at the XIV National Congress of Horticultural Sciences held in Orihuela on 3-5 June 2015. The Congress was organized by the Spanish Society Horticultural Science (SECH) and the University Miguel Hernández of Elche (UMH).

The Congress was divided into 15 thematic sessions, coinciding with the Working Groups of the SECH under the theme "Challenges of the New Mediterranean Agriculture". These sessions have revolved around the fundamental goal of achieving quality products and ensure a profitable and sustainable future for the Spanish fruit and vegetable sector, taking advantage of the geographical and climatic advantages that have led our agriculture to success in national and international markets. (Approximately 350-400 interested people, including students, experts).

This Congress has allowed to present the work done in the framework of the Life Zero Residues project, in particular to the scientific and business community, through the following papers:

Potencial de Bacillus amyloliquefaciens buz-14 para el control de Penicillium digitatum y Penicillium italicum: estudios preliminares. Authors: Héctor Calvo, Julio Sanchez, Domingo Blanco, Rosa Oria and María Eugenia Venturini.

Control de Monilinia laxa en melocotón mediante extractos obtenidos a partir de los frutos del aclareo”.  Authors: Diego Redondo, Rosa Oria, Esther Arias and María Eugenia Venturini.

To see the promotional poster of the Congress, click here.

Below some images with different moments of the Congress.