Cero Residues presents the project’s results in the VIII International Postharvest Symposium

29.06.2016 By: unizar

The VIII Post-Harvest Symposium took place on the 21-24th of June in Cartagena (Murcia). This year discussions centered around the “improvement in the quality of the supply chain and benefits to the consumers: ethical and technological aspects”. The Symposium brings together professionals of the post-harvest industry as well as transdisciplinary researchers. 
(Attendees 75-100 experts).

Our colleagues Rosa Oria y Mª Eugenia Venturini from Unizar participated in the symposium, presenting a paper entitled: “Life ZERO RESIDUES: Influence on the ripening degree on the odour composition of Early Bigi cherries: study of their aroma potential as ingredient for the juice industry”. In it, we used Early Bigi cherries in different stages of maturation brought from different parcels of the Villaluz Estate, and we analysed the aromatic potential of the fruit according to its composition in volatile odorant compounds. This work was displayed as a poster and presented as a “flash” presentation to the public.

In the images below, we can see Rosa Oria handing out the project’s informative leaflets and the “flash” presentation of the poster.