Project presented at Post Harvest Symposium in Lisoba

07.11.2016 By: Transfer Consultancy

The Portuguese Horticultural Association (APH) and the Spanish Society of Horticultural Sciences (SECH) organized the IX Iberian Symposium on Maturation and Postharvest in Lisboa, during the 2nd and 4th of Novembere 2016.

The symposium was organized around 5 thematic areas, including plenary sessions, oral presentations and panel debates:

1) Post-harvest food waste: a global problem
2) Biology, physiology, ripening and post-harvest systems
3) Conservation and technologies for minimal processing
4) Quality management during supply chain
5) Functional and nutritional changes in senescence, ripening and conservation
6) Consumer, industry and environmental sustainability requirements
7) Post-harvest pathologies

In this context, our coordinator Dr. Rosa Oria (UNIZAR) participated as a member of the Scientific Commission, also presented the poster titled “LIFE Cero Residuos: potencial aromático de pulpas de fruta de hueso tratadas por altas presiones (HHP) y destinadas a alimentación infantil”.
(Attendees 75-100 experts)

Here you can see the poster in pdf.

This meeting was also the framework in which to carry out networking activities with other research projects, in particular the Life Multibiosol ENV/ES/486 project in which our partners PCTAD and Transfer Consultancy also participate. They gave a presentation on "Biobased, biodegradable and additivated bioplastico for sustainable agriculture. Preliminary results".