Presentation Lafuente Tomey for the Life+ project Zero Residues

13.10.2013 By: Transfer LBC

The teams of Lafuente Tomey, Finca Valleluz and Transfer LBC have used the visit to Madrid to Dutch experts in fruit (CBI) along with a group of American producers to inform them about the ambitious objectives of the Life+ project Zero Residues. Esther Lafuente gave ​​a presentation explaining the mission, vision and function of her business, and also explained Zerya´s protocol that is being implemented on stone fruit for the first time, and finally discussed the challenges faced by members of this European project, co -funded by the LIFE+ program.

The more than 30 attendees received all the information concerning the project, including the new booklet with reference to the project's website. Below you will find an impression of the Spanish presentation that was given.