Preparation of the 2015 season

10.04.2015 By: Transfer LBC

On April 8, project partners from Unizar, PCTAD, Finca Valleluz, Lafuente Tomey and TOP met in Zaragoza to prepare the 2015 campaign.

Several issues needed to be discussed before the arrival of the first cherries, which are expected for mid-May, as Jesus Lafuente announced.

One of the most relevant and urgent subjects is the perforation of the film rolls which are used in the tub-like packaging, as well as the review of experimental data from the previous season, in order to optimize the packages planned for this year. After the meeting, our colleague Ed Westerweele visited the facilities of the Pilot Plant at the Veterinary School and later moved to the headquarters of Lafuente Tomey.

Below you can see some photos of the meeting.