Networking with similar project dedicated to improving sustainability in the produce sector

28.04.2016 By: Transfer LBC

This past Tuesday, April 26th, a meeting between LIFE ZERO RESIDUES  and LIFE FRESH BOX (LIFE13 ENV/ES/1362) was held.  Staff from PCTAD (leader of LIFE FRESH BOX), UNIZAR (leader of LIFE ZERO RESIDUES), Lafuente Tomey (member of both projects) met at the leader's facilities and connected via Skype with TOP BV (member of LIFE ZERO RESIDUES). 

The LIFE ZERO RESIDUES project aims to improve the sustainability and the quality of the production of Stone fruit to create a more competitive and healthy sector. The networking meeting was therefore planned so that partners could study the possibility of using the FRESH BOX container to send fruit from Lafuente Tomey to Top BV in Holland, that will be used for post-harvest quality technology testing for LIFE ZERO RESIDUES. Since obviously partners are interested in keeping the utmost fruit quality, they have detected the FRESH BOX to be an innovative opportunity to transport fruit and maintain shelf-life. 

The representatives of both projects were satisfied with the results of the meeting and have agreed to stay in touch so that the LIFE ZERO RESIDUES partners can learn about the results of the transport tests currently taking place, so as to later apply the lessons learned in their own transport activities.