Networking between LIFE projects with international students

20.02.2017 By: Transfer Consultancy

During February 13th and 18th, 16 students of the INACAP Institute of the Chilean University of Technology took part in the course “Advances in Horticulture”, organised by the Polytechnic School of the University of Zaragoza (Aragón).

Among the professors that developed the course were various researchers that contribute to LIFE projects in the region of Aragon (Northern Spain).


Dr. Maria Eugenia Venturini: “Introduction to post-harvest: Plant metabolism- Influence on product quality”.
Dr. Eva Campo: “Quick methods for centralised product quality control”


Dr. Esther Arias: “Conservation under modified and controlled atmospheres: practical examples.”


Dr. Jesús Val Falcón: “Physiological and pathological alterations in fruit trees”.

This occasion has been a great opportunity to discuss the most relevant elements of the mentioned LIFE projects, as well as a stepping-stone for further cooperation between the projects.

The course came to an end on Saturday 18th with a visit to the installations of the pilot plant of the Veterinary Faculty, which is coordinated by María Eugenia Venturini.

Two articles have been published about this visit in national newspapers:

The pictures show various activities in which our colleagues took part during the course: