Networking at RSEncuentro in Vila-real

07.04.2014 By: Transfer LBC

Following your support with voting for Zero Residues on the RSEncuentro website and sharing our project on your social networks, we were very excited to take part in the RSEncuentro event that took place last Friday, 4 April in Vila-real (Castellón).

RSEncuentro is ‘the’ annual meeting place in Spain for all those with a profound interest in business ethics and social responsibility and attracts people from a variety of backgrounds: businessmen, managers, professionals, consultants, academics, researchers, students and the general public. Unizar, Zerya and Transfer LBC teams'  actively participated in the event in order to establish contacts and promote the project to various companies and organisations. Javier Arizmendi of Zerya and Rosa Oria of Unizar both explained the objectives of the Zero Residues project and shared the view with other colleagues about supporting those initiatives which opertate with sustainability in mind or see sutainability as their main objective. 

Ms. Oria and Mr. Arizmendi both got to speak to various interesting people, including Carmen A. of Fundación Ushas and also attended a number of workshops. Those of particular interest to them included the workshop on the new ethics code regarding social responsibility and sustainability organized at the Hotel Vila-real Palace on the evening of the 3rd. Moreover, Mr. Fernández’s (of Redyser) short but interactive speech about the “Kilómetros Verdes” initiative which regards, CO2 emissions during transportation, was also very entertaining.

We hope to participate in many more events like this in order to spread the word about our project and to get to know more people with similar interests and areas of expertise.

Please see the photos below for an impression of the event.