Master thesis research on the LIFE+ project

13.10.2015 By: UNIZAR

Mirian Sanz, student of the ´´Master of introduction to Research in Food Science and Technology´´ of the University of Zaragoza, defended the project of her master degree on the 5th of October. This project was directed by Rosa Oria and Eva Compo (Unizar).

The work, which goes by the name of ´´Characterization of the aromatic potential of stone fruit for its consumption and proccessing´´, has been realized with the fruits that were produced and used for the project LIFE+ Zero Residues. The fruits that were mostly used are: peach, flat peach and cherry.

In this study, the volatile molecules involved in the aroma of these fruits are identified, determining for example the similarities and differences between flat peach, peach, or the evolution of the aromatic profile of cherry depending on its degree of ripeness.

The thesis defence took place at a tribunal, composed of three members of the Department of Animal Production and Food Science of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Unizar), and was assessed and rewarded by the tribunal with an excellent grade of 9.5 out of 10.

Below, a photo of Mirian Sanz during her thesis defense in front of the tribunal.