Lafuente Tomey presents the project at a technical seminar in BIOVEGEN

25.05.2016 By: Transfer LBC

Last Thursday, May 19th, Esther Lafuente from Lafuente Tomey represented the Zero Residues project at a technical seminar regarding “Tendencies for genetic improvement in Fruit and Vegetable production”, organized by theorganizada por el Centro de Investigación y Tecnología Alimentaria de Aragón (CITA), la Caja Rural Cajamar y la Plataforma Tecnológica de Biotecnología Vegetal (Biovegen).

This is our second presence to the seminars organized by Biovegen which initiated 2013.
This year, the Zero Residues project was a special invitee to give a speech.

Many prominent civil servants and representatives of the fruit and vegetable production sector attended the event, including the Counsellor on Innovation, Research and University of Aragon, Pilar Alegría Continente; as well as Carlos Franco Alonso in representation of the Department on Health, Bioeconomy, Climate and Natural Resources of the CDTI.  

During the third part of the event, focused on the private sector and specific case studies of collaboration with the public sector for improvement of plant genetics, Esther Lafuente gave a presentation on the LIFE Zero Residues project, its objectives and its impact towards a sustainable production ans supply chain of stone fruits and the more indirect effects on minimizing the carbon footprint of the food distribution sector. Click here to see the presentation (only in spanish)
(Attendees 50-75 among experts, farmes, students).

Photos of the event are show below and click here to see the  agenda of the event (in Spanish).