Lafuente Tomey and PCTAD process ZR fruit’s pulp for baby food

09.08.2016 By: Lafuente Tomey

On the past 3rd of August, the team of PCTAD and Lafuente Tomey, led by Sara Remón and Esther Lafuente respectively, met a the premises of Lafuente Tomey with the purpose of processing the pulp of the fruit for baby food as described in action B5.

They processed nectarine, peach and saturn peach and the pulps were bottled in 200 ml. polythene bottles. Based on preliminary data obtained in the pilot experiment of last year, the small bottles will be subject to high pressure treatment in order to increase the lifespan of the puree obtained. In the photographs below we can see the pulp processing and the bottled purees.