Interest in residue free stone fruit supermarket tests in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

16.04.2015 By: Transfer LBC

Last week, several meetings took place between project partner Transfer LBC and the directors of three PLUS supermarkets in Rozenburg and Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The goal of these meetings was to secure a test location for the residue free stone fruits during the upcoming campaign. After discussing the LIFE+ Zero Residues project and its possibilities, the directors of two supermarkets agreed with enthusiasm to trial in their locations.

Meanwhile, another team from Transfer LBC went to two supermarkets in Belgium. These supermarkets were principally interested in the residue free fruit but they kindly rejected the opportunity to trial in their supermarkets. They indicated that their main umbrella organizations Carrefour and Delhaize are quite restrictive on trials that are organized by franchisees. It was not allowed to take pictures inside of the fruit exposition, so we include an image of the stores from outside.  


Once product availability is confirmed by partner Lafuente Tomey, the first test will take place on Friday the 29th of May at the PLUS supermarket Stadhouderskade 135 in Rotterdam center. On Saturday the 30th of May, the second test will take place at the PLUS supermarket Binnenhof 2 in Rotterdam north. These supermarkets differ in their layout (Stadhouderskade being recently renovated in a relatively affluent neighborhood already stocking a large amount of organic products, while Binnenhof still has a more traditional layout).The results from both tests will provide an excellent opportunity to compare the perceptions and interest in the Zero Residues concept.

Transfer Latin Business Consultancy will be present with two of their employees to organize and execute the product trials and interview consumers.

During the visit of the supermarket, it was possible to make some pictures of the exposition of the fruit and bio sections: