Final conference LIFE Zero Residues & Freshbox promoted at Biofach 2017 Germany

20.02.2017 By: Transfer Consultancy

As part of our dissemination activities, Sven Kallen of Transfer Consultancy, promoted the upcoming joint-conference of 2 LIFE projects to several interested parties present at Biofach.

LIFE Zero Residues & LIFE Fresh-box!

Biofach is the world’s largest organic food produce trade fair and is currently being held at Nürnberg. The potential for improvements in the supply chain to extend shelf life of fresh produce is in high order in the sector.

This is especially relevant for organic products that are not only more valuable but also a bit more vulnerable to damages than conventional produce.

Also, the trend towards Zero Residues was considered interesting, although most contacted persons see this as a transition method toward fully organic.

In any case, those present acknowledged that especially in the stone fruit sector a large deficit exists in the organic market, so the more players that enter the better.

Transfer will include a number of new names from European producers and purchasers into the project database to keep them updated on the conference and resulting opportunities. 

(Approximately 60 flyers were distributed among different audience such as producers, purchasers, retailers, farmers).