Fifth steering committee in Valencia


After the last meeting in July, the partners of the LIFE + Project Zero Residues met again, this time on November 26th in Valencia. This meeting constituted the fifth steering committee of the project. This time, the event was organized by the partners Seipasa and Zerya, to who we would like to thank the warm welcome.

During the meeting, technical, economic, administrative and dissemination aspects of the project were discussed, with an overview of the implementation of the actions that are currently being executed.

Overall, and despite some small difficulties associated with the weather, the consortium continues successfully performing the proposed tasks within deadlines.

After the meeting, the partners held a field visit to the pilot project areas in L'Alcudia as well as facilities Seipasa.

The next steering committee will be held in the month of March in Zaragoza, with the participation of the 'monitoring expert' of the European Commission, who is in charge of supervising the correct development of the project.