"Feeding the Senses", a documentary by our partner UNIZAR

16.06.2015 By: UNIZAR

UNIZAR participated in the VI screenplay and production of scientific documentary workshop organized by the Scientific Culture Unit of the University of Zaragoza and under the direction of the Aragonese director Javier Calvo.

With this activity, researchers from different disciplines have learned to produce scientific mini-documentaries that are subsequently used in different dissemination formats (Internet, public screenings, science cinema sessions, congresses, workshops, etc.). Up to 125 researchers have already participated in the five previous editions of this workshop, achieving an audiovisual collection of 25 mini-documentaries, some of which have received national awards and recognitions.

During this edition, our fellows Rosa Oria, María Eugenia Venturini and Eva Campo, along with researchers Héctor Calvo and Diego Redondo, have made a documentary entitled "Feeding the Senses". Furthermore, our partners Sara Remon (PCTAD) and Jesus Lafuente (Finca Valleluz) also appear in the documentary.

This documentary presents the work carried out by the panel of tasters of the Research Group on Plant Foods (project coordinators), and the different aspects comprising the training. Similarly, an overview of the stakeholders involved is also presented: producers, processors, researchers, and consumers.

In the photo above, Rosa Oria, María Eugenia Venturini, Héctor Calvo and Eva Campo in the presentation of the documentary in the auditorium of the University of Zaragoza. Below, the mini-documentary and the promotional poster of the workshop: