Cooperation between projects and their potential economic impact

15.09.2014 By: Transfer LBC

During September 10th and 11th, representatives from PCTAD and Transfer met in Zaragoza to brief each other on the progress of the project. As well as discussing the project’s development and the following actions to take place, they also took advantage of the opportunity to meet with representatives from LIFE+ Freshbox, another ongoing  LIFE+ project (LIFE13 ENV/ES/1362) in order to perform networking and share their objectives and experiences considering their similarity between topics.

LIFE+ Freshbox intends to demonstrate the viability of an innovative and more sustainable transport and storage system for fresh produce that not only maintains an improved shelf life for the harvested products, but also emits less of a carbon footprint when compared to conventional containers.

The representatives of both projects also visited the facilities of CiChorium, a consulting company that specializes in the growth of endives, based in Tudela. CiChorium not only offers consultancy to other growers and horticulture businesses, they also carry out a variety of studies and experiments on the production of endives, looking for ways to make the process more efficient, more productive and better quality. In this case, the visit was especially enriching, since Phillipe Blanquet, the General Director of CiChorium showed much interest in a protocol for growing endives without leaving residues through innovative hydroponic systems, as well as finding a system for transport and storage that maintains the vegetable’s shelf-life.

Therefore, the visit did not only mean an important contact between two LIFE+ projects, it also became an important integration with the possible commercialization and insertion of our demonstration projects into the Spanish primary sector.