Fourth-year CTA students visit Finca Valleluz

20.04.2016 By: UNIZAR

On Tuesday, 19 of April, our colleague Javier Arizmendi (Zerya) was invited as a guest speaker to give a seminar for a class on  “Intensification in the fruit and vegetables sector” , taught by Professor Rosa Oria (Unizar). During his talk, Javier discussed several issues related to sustainable production, presenting the Project Life Zero Residues as a paradigmatic case study. 

Following the talk, the CTA (Grado en Ciencia y Tecnología de los Alimentos) 15 students visited the premises of our partner  Finca Valleluz. During the visit, the students were shown to the Zero Residues' plots, and they were able to see the flowering status of the trees as well as some of the traps utilised for plague control. The students showed a great interest for Zero Residues' production techniques. In the images below we can see some of the key moments during the seminar and the field trip.