Active participation in the closing of the LIFE SAVECROPS

25.09.2015 By: UNIZAR

On September 10th, the closing day of the project Life+ SaveCrops (LIFE+/ENV/ES000613 SAVECROPS) was organised by the Technological Center of Agriculture and Food of Extremadura (CTAEX) in Brussels.

Our colleagues Eva Campo (Unizar) and Javier Arizmendi (Zerya) attended the closing ceremony. The meeting took place at the Spanish Office of science and technology in Brussels, and was coordinated by César Morcillo (Coordinator of the Office of Extremadura in Brussels), José Luis Llerena (Director of the CTAEX) and Ascensión Ciruelos (coordinator of the project).

Throughout the day, the results of SaveCrops project were presented. This project aimed to use active materials from local food residues (mainly garlic and broccoli) as natural pesticides.

The meeting was a great opportunity to obtain firsthand knowledge of other Spanish projects and initiate networking activities with ongoing LIFE+ projects, in particular Life+ Ecocitric (LIFE13 ENV/ES/000889), coordinated by the City Hall of La Vall d' Uixó (Castellón), and Life+ Agrointegra (LIFE13 ENV/ES/ 000665), coordinated by the Government of Navarra.

In the images we can see a moment of Javier Arizmendi's intervention, as well as a frame of the video. Below, the link with the video of Canal Extremadura speaking about the project.