A visit to Alimentaria Barcelona 2014

03.04.2014 By: Transfer LBC

The Alimentaria Fair is one of the most important food and beverage fairs in the world and is held in Barcelona, occupying 85,000 square meters. More than 3,800 companies exhibit  their food and beverage products and they expect at least 140,000 visitors from Spain and other countries.

Kathy Franco, representative of Transfer LBC  and member of Zero Residues, visits the Food Fair in Barcelona to find out about new market trends and food technology. On the one hand, the purpose of her visit was to obtain market information in order to develop and define the future market strategy of fruits without waste. On the other hand, she intended to promote the project to Spanish as well as international organizations. This was done in several ways:

- During the exhibition she discussed bilaterally with different exhibitors and visitors. In this communication network,  ideas were exchanged and most importantly the project objective and methodology of stone fruit production without waste was explained.

- Dissemination was supported by the distribution of informative leaflets concerning the project to different organizations.

- As an example, she approached the stand of Zealia, who found the production methodology without waste very interesting.

Below you can see photos Kathy Franco delivering informative leaflets about the project.