All members have now put up a LIFE+ notice board at their offices

20.11.2013 By: Transfer LBC

The design process of the notice boards for the Zero Residues project has finished, and all project partners are proud of the result!

Notice boards can be found at all of the following offices: UNIZAR (with Eva Maria Campo, Rosa Oria (Project Director) and Maria Eugenia Venturini); Chez Pascal (with Franka Bossers); Finca Valleluz (with Jesús Lafuente); PCTAD (with Sara Remon and Esther Arias); Lafuente Tomey (with Ana Lafuente); Seipasa (with Pedro Peleato); TOP B.V. (with Wouter de Heij); Transfer (with Sven Kallen); Zerya (with Javier Arizmendi).

Click on the photos below to have a better look!