Lafuente Tomey S.L.


Founded in 1994, Lafuente Tomey is a family business with a clear and concrete commitment: providing the customer with a product with the best organoleptip properties and a high level of quality and safety. The company has taken great care to understand and meet the needs of customers, which has led them to become specialists, producers, handlers and distributors of a product that they know perfectly: fruit. Currently, Lafuente Tomey already commercialized approximately 10,000 tons of stone fruit.

Lafuente provides its customers with products with the best organoleptic properties, accompanied by certificates of quality that commensurate with the main protocols in food safety and quality, both in products and in the installations: QS (Quality scheme for food), BRC (British Retail -Food Consortium), IFS (International Featured Standards-Food).

As a response to the tremendous dynamism of the fruit sector in 2008, they installed installations. Those are featured with infrastructure for normalization, conservation and distribution of the product.

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