Finca Valleluz


Finca Valleluz is located in Zaragoza (Spain), in a special area of bird protection called “Hoces del río Jalón”.  Currently, the farm has currently 120 productive hectares where cherries, apricots, peaches and nectarines are sown. All crops are adapted to the area and have a great commercial interest.

The cultural practices developed by Finca Valleluz are special for growing stone fruit during the LIFE+ Zero Residues project. The technicians advise the management of the estate with an integrated pest management, dramatically reducing the doses of pesticides, preventing soil degradation and the contamination of groundwater. Furthermore, spontaneous vegetation is maintained between fruit production lines, resulting in an increase in biodiversity which prolongs the existence of many animal and plant species, and also preventing erosion processes.

The property has the latest equipment for the application of fertilizers and other inputs, as well as new equipment recording temperature and humidity, thereby achieving rational use of water and other products. Furthermore, Finca Valleluz is certified by the main food safety standards: GlobalGAP and P.I. Aragon.

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