For a successful project implementation, a series of necessary actions were carried out in order to demonstrate the viability and advantages of ZERO RESIDUES method.

  • Here you can find a summary of the technical activities performed during the execution of the project (Updated 30/06/2017)

A. Preparatory actions

  1. Scoping of the fruit production area and fruit selection (Complete)
  2. Methodology development of the Zero Residues fruit production (Complete)
  3. Characterization of required quality aspects of the fruits. Preliminary shelf-life studies (Complete)
  4. Planning the post-harvest technologies to be applied (Complete)
  5. Market research stone fruits (Complete) 

Read article on technical meeting for the Preparatory Actions, and read more on the technical trials here.








B. Implementory actions

  1. Application of Zero Residues methodology for stone fruit production (Complete) 
  2. Certification process (Complete) 
  3. Harvest, pre-selection and first storage (Complete) 
  4. Application and optimization of post-harvest technologies (Complete) 
  5. Test of washing method, pulp production and High Pressure Processing (HPP) for baby food producer (Complete) 
  6. Verify (perceived) quality aspects of fruit by consumers (test panels(Complete) 
  7. Market evaluation and commercial testing in supermarkets (Complete) 


C. Monitoring the impact of the project actions

  1. Maintenance, control, technical monitoring (Complete) 
  2. Final technical evaluation and Monitoring of socio-economic impact of the project (Complete) 
  3. Conclusions & Guidelines (Complete) 








D. Communication and dissemination actions

  1. Project website (Complete)
  2. LIFE+ information boards (Complete- read article here)
  3. Layman's Report (Complete- download it here)
  4. General Dissemination (Ongoing- see press and news section)
  5. Local Awareness (Ongoing- see news section)

So, stay tuned for more information and updates on our site and Facebook page.


E. Project management and monitoring of the project progress

In order to guarantee a smooth implementation of the project, a Steering Committee was formed with representatives of each participant. Also, each partner organized a structure for the division of tasks. An external audit was performed at the end of the project as well as the preparation of an after LIFE+ Communication plan. 

After Life - Plan de Comunicación (Complete)