Though well on our way to publish details of the results.

Meanwhile we invite you to take a look at our news section where you can see the progress of the different actions.


The project aims to obtain both qualitative and quantitative results so far we are eager to present an overview of our expected results:

  •   Achievement of external certification for a zero-residue production process for stone fruit;
  • 75% of the harvest realised in the project to comply with the objective of zero residues (< 0,01 mg/kg of any detectable residue);
  • Decrease of residual chemicals in the soil by 20% at end of the project, compared to the situation at the beginning of the project;
  • A 20% increase in the shelf-life of the resultant fruit, compared with conventionally produced and packaged fruit;
  • The ZR products to be sold at a 10% premium compared to the conventionally produced products;
  • Successful pascalisation of 80% of discarded fruit and proven interest from baby-food manufacturers.

Indirectly, this project will contribute to less CO2 emissions as a more sustainable production chain for stone fruit will prevent the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. The project will also prevent waste which saves carbon in production and transport. Though, not directly considered a "climate change adaptation project" we will continuously emphasize the importance indispensable and fundamental topic through the implementation of our project.